I Won't Fall Off

by So Independent Klick

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Fueled by an incendiary rock-based instrumental from Heartbeatz Productions, SIK's Flowman delivers unadulterated stadium music on the hook while 2 Piece Malone comes with one of the most polished verses of his career. Rumored to be on the upcoming SIK full-length album, the aptly titled "So Independence Day."


Hook: Flowman
When the storm clouds roll and the rain comes down
Got my head above water and I don't plan to drown
No, I won't fall off, never, no [repeat]
As the time winds down, baby, now's my time
When the world gets dark they can't take my shine
No, I won't fall off, never, no [repeat]

Verse 1: Flowman
What they know 'bout pain?
What they know 'bout rage?
If you been thru what I been thru
You won't ever be the same
Insane, yeah, that's what they say
Since back in the day when I paved my lane
Make way, I had to make the cut against the grain
Never been the type that could be contained
I became whatever they said I wouldn't
Remember the faces that said I couldn't
Still hear the words that said I shouldn't
To any one of y'all thinkin' I ain't good as
Any of these rappers, freestyle or written
Baby, it don't matter! Try'n slow me down
Baby, I'ma go faster, faster, faster!
Point out a hater, I'ma empty my bladder

Hook [1x]

Verse 2: 2 Piece Malone
All you see is passion and ambition when you see my eyes
I guess that's why they all intimidated when they see the guy
I want the whole thing; I ain't happy with a piece of pie
And when it comes to iller I deliver like a pizza guy - Fuck your life, nigga!
No, I won't fall off, never, no! When they say "Stop" I go
Most of y'all soft, I know; I remember when I used to put soft in my nose
I often oppose and my short-term goal is to get some fire head in the Rolls
It's a long dark road I chose, please, God, have mercy on my soul
Did things that only I know; can't trust these niggas, can't trust these hoes
Can't trust these preachers, can't trust they souls - No!
We spend our whole lives tryna be somebody; my nigga so stressed he wanna beat somebody
Little girl so hungry she'll eat somebody and her mama in the club tryna meet somebody
But who am I to judge? Who am I to point fingers?
Do what you gotta do for you and fuck the opinion of strangers
Family ain't got all the answers; that negative shit is like cancer
Everybody got dirty laundry in they hampers but goddamn when the...

Hook [1x]


released July 4, 2014
Written by Flowman, 2 Piece Malone, & Cyren for So Independent Klick
Performance by Flowman & 2 Piece Malone
Produced by Heartbeatz Productions



all rights reserved


So Independent Klick Dallas, Texas

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